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Why Baby Survival Swim?

The classes are individual and personalized, the instructor adapts to each child.

It is experiential, we focus on creating safety habits. A child learns what to do if he finds himself in the water unexpectedly.

Progress is seen in days, not months.

We do not use floats in our classes, children learn to use their own buoyancy and independent abilities as well as know their limitations.

Highly trained instructors with CPR and First Aid certifications.

How was Baby Survival Swim Born?

When Toti was pregnant with her first child while living in Morocco, she began researching methods to «teach a child to swim.» 

In 2004, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended starting swimming lessons at age 4, since at that time it was believed that younger children could not learn to swim. 

Drowning was also reported to be the leading cause of accidental infant mortality in children under 5 years of age.

He installed a fence around the pool but also discovered that small children could learn to float to avoid drowning.  He taught his first son to float and then his little brother. 

When her friends saw an 18-month-old baby floating on her back and then swimming to the edge of the pool by herself, they began asking her if she could teach their children too. 

More and more people asked for this method and thus Baby Survival Swim was born.

Why our Clients Recommend Our Courses?

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