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Advanced Swimming

«The objective of a comprehensive swimming program is that it goes beyond teaching children to swim, it implies that they learn to have fun in the water safely, as well as to help others without taking risks, while acquiring the value of effort, leadership and spirit of improvement».

-Toti Fernandez,
Triathlon World Champion

Program Includes:

Special courses part of the Advanced Swimming program, additional fees if the child is not enrolled in the program.

FLOATS:  A course designed for a child to learn how to react if he falls into the water while playing on an inflatable.

LIFE JACKETS: A class designed to teach children the difference between having one on and not having one one.

AQUATIC SEFE RESCUE: Classes designed to teach children how to recognize a swimmer in trouble and help without putting himself at risk.

Periodic Evaluations: As children advance in their skills, we will be continually evaluating his progress so that he goes up the ladder to level 10.

Advanced Swimmer Swim Team: As a child progresses he can join the Swim Team, swimming longer intervals according to his or her capacity (20 a 30 minutes).



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