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Advanced Swimming Program 2023

«The goal of a comprehensive swim plan goes beyond teaching kids to swim. It implies that they learn to have fun in the water safely as well as learning to help others without taking risks. This, while they acquire the value of effort, leadership and the spirit of improvement».

Toti Fernandez,
champion world Pool triathlon

It includes:

COURSES SPECIALS:  Part of the Advanced Swimming program, additional Yeah the infant not is signed up in the Program.

FLOATS: Grade for what the infant learn a react Yeah falls off to the Water While play with a float.

VESTS LIFE JACKET: Clroast for learn the difference Come in to swim with Y without life jacket.

BAILING OUT WATER: Class for learn a recognize a swimmer in problems Y help him without expose yourself.

Periodic evaluations of skills improvement to establish if it is apt to level up until reaching level 10.

Equipment Pool swimming Advanced swimmer with rates specials Y lessons in groups homogeneous Pool 4 kids with a duration
chord a his condition aerobics (Pool 20 a 30


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