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Water Adaptation Program

At Baby Survival Swim we focus on water safety and drowning prevention. It is important to learn to float and reach the wall.

Water, in addition to being fun for children, can also be the most dangerous if you do not focus on safety.

The drowning is the first cause Pool mortality childish accidental.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends:
  • Non climbable Pool Fence.
  • alarms.
  • Direct direct when in or near water.
  • ANDAvoid the access Pool a infant to the Water.
  • Seek lessons Pool swimming
    where learn a
    fend off in the Water.
A program developed by the Triathlon World Champion, Toti Fernández, which she started with her own children.

Swimming at an early age increases psychomotor development and academic success.

Australia's Griffith University conducted a 5-year study on 7,000 children aged 1-5 years, comparing children who swam from short to those who did not.

• 7 months Pool advancement in developing engine.

• 10 months in cognition (thinking, math, and writing)

15 months in social emotional development

Developing physical 4 areas plus high or tall what the rest: 7 months go ahead

Classes are twice a week
Ages: 4 to 9 months


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